Happy Birthday Agape Bakes!

A year ago today, my blogging journey began.

I started out at agapecakes.wordpress.com, with a few photos of cakes I had made for friends any family, and a lot of time on my hands. I took that time, those photos, and my love for baking and grew my blog. I made friends, and learned so much. Now I have my own domain name, and have expanded from just cakes to all kinds of cooking. The kitchen is my passion! Thank you all for following me, encouraging me, and learning with me. God willing, year 2 will be even more fulfilling for us all.

My number one viewed post from last year was…

Thor’s Hammer Tutorial!

loved making the cake for my friend, sharing how I made it with all of you, and seeing just hoe many people took a long and found it helpful.

For any one reading this from my old blog adress, agapecakes.wordpress.com. Thank you so much for following me for so long. I have moved my blog to my vary own domain name at, www.agapebakes.com. Please come over and visit me! Or like my facebook page to keep up to date on my posts.

God bless!

Mary Grace