New Year, New Domain Name!

I am so thrilled, so excited, and so happy to announce that I am now the proud owner of my vary own .com domain name! Last night, completely out of the blue, my husband purchased for me, and has already moved my blog. I had been contemplating expanding my blog as it was. Making it more food oriented, as a whole, instead of just about my cakes and cake decorating. I guess this means my husband thinks its a good idea?

There is one downside…its not in my budget to use the redirect or mapping WordPress offers its bloggers. So… if you would like to keep following me on this journey, you will have to take an extra step and follow my new site. I look forward to seeing you all there! For those of you who choose not to continue reading with me, I understand, thank you for the time already spent in my small cake world. For those of you who choose to follow my new Agape Bakes get ready for what I hope will be an spectacular 2015!

As I am so vary new to this self hosting thing…I have a lot to learn. I am honestly not sure what features are still available to me as a self hosted sight yet. If you have a hard time finding me. I have just created a new facebook page for my blog.

Thank you all!

Mary Grace


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